OMEGAir CARGO Ltd provides services and arrangements of transport of goods, manage shipping documentations, customs clearance warehousing and logistics. We organize import, export and transit of goods by air, sea and road..

We transport, organize, advise, arrange and offer: 

  • air transport 'door to door', 'airport to airport', plus its combinations 'door to airport', 'airport to door' as per IATA standarts
  • sea freight services in accordance maritime law,
  • sea air mode transportation from Asian countries via Dubai and Jebel Ali free zone to Poland and other European countries
  • rail Transport China – Poland (New Silk Road),
  • road transportation in accordance with EU law,
  • custom clearance of goods as a custom agency with AEI certified status,
  • storage and warehousing of parcels,
  • insurance of goods transported,
  • we advise and arrange transportation for:
    • hazardous materials DGR (Dangerous Good Regulations),
    • perishable goods PER,
    • HUM & HUMA Human remains,
  • We provide full services for hazardous goods DGR including arrangments of packaging and documentation.

We offer customer-tailored services on all continents


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