We keep our promises.

The OCG, we believe that in the logistics industry, it is possible to plan, monitor and finish tasks so that always keep our word. Password, which defines our philosophy is "delivered expectations" because our goal and mission is to meet the expectations of customers and partners in business in a professional manner. This is not a task for one day, for one person. Therefore, every day, in a conscious way we work, so that the idea is inextricably associated with OMEGA CARGO GROUP. We guarantee that the services we provide air freight forwarding, sea and road will be done on time, on budget accessible as possible, on the agreed terms. 

Each order is important.

In this work we are ourselves. Surround the personnel who share our passion for logistics. For people with OCG each consignment is important, therefore, our clients are in good hands. In order to perfectly fulfill promises made, we have developed a system by which one order supports one person. Without compromise and without excuses, by offering until after the settlement of payments - "expectations delivered", OCG is primarily a people ready to face the challenges of a professional who collect all the power and act for the benefit of the customer.

Customer satisfaction is the key.

Our mission is to provide optimal logistics solutions, which is realized through thorough understanding of customer needs, propose adequate solutions and efficient operation. We have the appropriate knowledge and resources that allow us to guarantee a safe and timely shipment transportation. We provide a professional service for each order, for each customer and each time. Thus realized the task we called success.

Learning and develop.

Our vision is sustainable development understood as continuous improvement of competence, speed and quality of service. In business, as in life, it is impossible to predict the future. However, you can prepare for it and plan, so every decision we make is based on long-term development strategy. With every order we try to be better than we were before. The idea with us at each new recruit, when laying the training programs, the development of technological solutions and the planning of new branch offices. We often wonder how we can improve, to work for the benefit of our customers. Satisfaction of a job well done is our best motivation for further development.



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